Yalghoor the Rank
Yalghoor the Rank
Vital Statistics
Title Mini Boss
Gender N/A
Race Mindflayer
Location The Dread Vault
Level  ???
Yalghoor the Rank is the second boss of the Dread Vault dungeon.

This boss has only one phase for the entirety of the encounter.


Surprisingly, Yalghoor the Rank shares health with the minions he summons. (NOT the shards.)

This boss summons Master mind Scourges, Infiltrators and Guards every 60 seconds.

Yalghoor can also teleport to random group members every 10~ seconds.

Phase 1: All shards will begin to travel to players and explode.

Yalghoor the Rank will start to summon minions 10-20 seconds in the encounter, and every 40-60 seconds afterwards.

Then, the boss will begin teleporting immediately into the encounter, and every 10 seconds occasionally afterward.

Basic Strategy: The best strategy is to quickly burn the adds and avoid directly attacking the boss as much as possible.

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