Worth our While
Start Brandy Quickstep
End Brandy Quickstep
Prerequisites Halfling
Level 8
Location Lakeside, Blacklake District
Experience 160
Rewards 55Copper small icon
Location Scouting

With all the prospective houses in ruins and the entire district unsafe Brandy Quickstep has abandoned the idea of creating a new home in Blacklake District. Now she wants to win some good-will by recovering stolen goods.


  • Recover Valuable Goods from the Nashers in the Lakefront Area.


Brandy Quickstep
This is disheartening! Even if we repaired the buildings, this toxic sludge is unbearable. Not to mention that ubiquitous Nashers. Quite a bit more trouble than it's worth if you ask me.

Still, while we're out here, I have one last job you can do. The Nashers have no doubt pilfered the homes of the residents here. I am well connected among Neverwinter's merchants, and I'm sure that they would be grateful if we could recover their valuables and return them. The Nasher rebels usually carry their loot around with them, so you may have to bash a few heads.


  • Recover Valuable Goods from the Nashers (5/5)
  • Return to Brandy Quickstep


Brandy Quickstep
Ah, yes! Just the sort of sentimental valuables that people will be overjoyed to recover! I can't say this has been a good start to our efforts here, but at least you've made us a lot of friends today. No doubt we'll need them if this is the state of affairs in New Neverwinter.


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