Vital Supplies
Start Corporal Benton
End Corporal Benton
Prerequisites The Theft of the Crown
Level 4
Location Protector's Enclave
Experience 100
Rewards 42Copper small icon
The Theft of the Crown


  • Collect Luskan Ale, Sword Coast Brandy, Waterdeep Sweetmeats, at the market and deliver them to the Driftwood Tavern.


Corporal Benton
Could you do me a big favor?

I'm a quartermaster for the City Guard. Our barracks were damaged in the attack, so the officers are using the Driftwood Tavern as a temporary headquarters.

I'm supposed to deliver provisions there for their planning meeting, but Lord Neverember just summoned me to go over some paperwork. Neverember hates to be kept waiting!

Could you pick up the supplies from the market and deliver them for me? Here's a list. Just keep heading south.


  • Collect Supplies
    • Luskan Ale
    • Sword Coast Brandy
    • Waterdeep Sweetmeats
  • Deliver Supplies to Driftwood Tavern
  • Talk to Madame Rosene
  • Deliver Supplies Upstairs
  • Talk to Corporal Benton in the Driftwood Tavern


Madame Rosene
About time you got here! Those soldiers upstairs were getting impatient!

Please take those provisions upstairs to the room on the right.

1. Yes Ma'am!


Corporal Benton
Sorry for my little deception, but the soldiers you saved on the bridge wanted this to be a surprise.

I want to thank you on their behalf. Without your heroic actions on the bridge many of these soldiers would not have survived.

Now grab a tankard and share a drink with us!

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