Vansi's New Weapon
Start Captain Janros
End Captain Janros
Prerequisites Half-Orc
Level 14
Location Tower District
Experience 425
Rewards 1Silver small icon 31Copper small icon
Spellscarred Orcs

Captain Janros believes the spellscarred orcs could be a new weapon Vansi Bloodscar is using to defeat the Neverwinter Guard. Act fast and eliminate her plans.


  • Search for and slay 3 Spellscarred Commanders in the Merchant's Square of the Tower District.


Captain Janros
While the origin of the spellscars on the Many-Arrows orcs is a mystery to me, there can be little doubt it is part of their plan to defeat us. Spellscars, while dangerous, often grant their owner some degree of supernatural powers. likely they intend to use them to their advantage.

It could be that Vansi Bloodscar has somehow discovered how to deliberately afflict her warriors with spellscars, however reckless that plan would clearly be. Whatever the case, we must act quickly to neutralize the threat. Go to Merchant Square and slay as many spellscarred orcs as you can find.


  • Slay 3 Spellscarred Commanders (3/3)
  • Return to Captain Janros


Captain Janros
You have likely helped Neverwinter a great deal this day. We already faced enough danger from the Many-Arrows and the Spellplauge separately. I have no desire to see those two threats merged in any way.


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