so they started offering the tomb spider (blue) as a companion today. is anybody else thinking theyd sell a lot more if these were account unlocks vice single purchase items? they made the mounts one per character and didnt change the pricing on mounts _or_ companions. i think they should be making money on this game (they have 260usd of mine) however comma i dont see the value. especially considering the tendency to reroll. admittedly this does make one more committed to a single character and therefore more likely to also spend zen on respec token(s).

also out today is the new dye pack. 4 bottles. 3 are required to dye an item completely (accent, primary, secondary).

and last but not least the 15 dollar adventure pack. 5 of each skill kit, some greater scroll of ident (fairly hard to come by w/o grinding), some resurrect all scrolls, a _greater_ health stone, and a companion (random man@arms, devclerc, dog, sellsword, waywiz). notably for a limited time this will include another random companion

update - the package is a limited time upgrade to the Adventurer's Helper Pack to the Adventurer's Friend Pack until June 11. there is only one companion and will not be included after June 11 unless the promotion is repeated. Companion is random and Uncommon (green).

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