module 2 or Shadowmantle is arguably the most anticipated content yet. included is more endgame content in the form of a new campaign. but most notably is the accompanying class additions. the Hunter Ranger and new(ish) paragon paths. many have been waiting for this content to start a new character as hunter ranger. many will respec if the new paths look more like the wy they want to play.

also this will bring about enchantment refinement. this will allow us to upgrade a socketed enchant w/o throwing tens of thousands of AD at it. it adds quite a bit to the former "fusing" process so its not going to painless and you will still need a ward if you want guaranteed results/components. but compared to unsocketing a lvl 60 item (40k ad?), its more palatable.

your thoughts are welcome.  @theevildrf  (Talk)Blog 

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