for a limited time installing arc can reward the player with:


  • Renegade Illusionist (account unlock) Uncommon

a single use pack containing:

  • Wayfarer's XP Booster
  • 5x Rank 4 Enchantments
  • 3x Refining Stones
  • 5x Injury Kit (based on your level)
  • 5x Healing Potion (based on your level)

notably you are not required to open the game w/ arc. keys may be redeemed from the arc ui. also note that this key does not work in the web based key redeemer.

illusionist active buff is life steal and deflect.

account unlock rewards all current and all future characters w/ companion. this is wildy unusual outside of packs to get a companion on account.

though multiple companions may be acquired from vendor only one can be active at any given time and they may not be sold. this may be a shortcut to the ten companions achievement but i havent tried it.

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