Unsettling Rumors
Start Patrol Captain Lanward
End Patrol Captain Lanward
Prerequisites Half-Orc
Level 11
Location Waukeen Way, Tower District
Experience 320
Rewards 97Copper small icon
Spellscared Orcs

Patrol Captain Lanward has reports of spellscarred orcs in Waukeen Way. Do some scouting for the Neverwinter Guard and maybe some will rethink their opinion of half-orcs.


  • Search for and slay a Spellscarred Orc in Waukeen's Way of the Tower District.
  • Orcs that stand near a well are the only ones that will count in your quest completion.


Patrol Captain Lanward
Look, tensions are running high here. I can't just let any half-orc come in here and start running around. I have to take the other guardsmen into account too. It's them you have to convince.

I can let you into the district if you lend a hand against the Many-Arrows. You may change some minds about half-orcs. I could use a hand at the moment with a scouting task.

My patrolmen have given me reports of some of the Many-Arrows orcs up in Waukeen Way sporting markings that look like spellscars. Head up there and see if you can confirm those reports.


  • Find and Slay a Spellscarred Orc
  • Return to Patrol Captain Lanward


Patrol Captain Lanward
The reports are true, then? There are orcs with spellscars? Hmm... very strange.


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