Twilights Edge
Twilights Edge
Twilights Edge
Basic Information
Nicknames "Aleana D'Ath" the Traders in Darkness or "Death Dealers"
Frequents Neverwinter, and the Underdark
Allies Unknown
Faction Unknown
Ability Statistics
Alignment Chaotic

Twilights Edge also known as "Aleana D'Ath" the Traders in Darkness or "Death Dealers". Is an elite mercenary group made up of mainly drow but includes a cambion, orog and various other races. The group was founded and is currently led by the assassin Stormshadow, base of operations is unknown due to the groups nomadic ways. But is widely known to operate in the secret circles of Menzoberranzan and the Gladitorial Slave Trade Bazaar known as the "Menazerie" in the Underdark.

Known MembersEdit

Stormshadow - Leader - True Name: Unknown
Kytaraa Bryn'Noir - Second
Jeiran Dexx "Dark" - True Name: Jeiran Dexx H'Kar
Nightscape - True Name: Unknown
Zjade - True Name: Unknown
Tear'Za "Dark" - True Name: Unknown
Drae "Dark" - Cambion
Zaxxon the Ogul - aka the "God of the Menazerie"


Further ReadingEdit

Seen in Neverwinter Foundry Mission: In Process

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