Start Sergeant Knox
End Sergeant Knox
Level 17
Location Protector's Enclave
Experience 2,140
Rewards 6Silver small icon 94Copper small icon, armor


Sgt. Knox has asked you to go to Josef Linkletter's House and help his Spellscarred wife Dorothea, even if it means breaking the Protector's Law for the Spellscarred.

  • Investigate Linkletter's Troubles
  • Go to the Sewers
  • Get help from Rhazzad
  • Help Dorothea
  • To the Tower of Solace
  • Speak to Rhazzad
  • Collect Reward


Sergeant Knox
<name>, you've more than proven yourself to me, so I feel I can trust you with a... delicate matter. One of my men, Josef Linkletter, has been absent the last few days. I fear it's his wife, Dorothea. She's Spellscarred, touched by the Spellplague, and I'm afraid she's getting worse.

I want you to look in on them at their house near the Driftwood Tavern. Do whatever you can to help them. I can't ignore the Protector's Law, but you are free to do what's right.
It's my wife, Dorothea. She was spellscarred last winter. We've been hiding it so she wouldn't be sent to Helm's Hold, but she's been getting worse.

I call on help from the wizard Rhazzad. He's helped her before. His medicine will change Dorothea back, but only if she's been subdued, and I cannot strike my own wife.

She's in a frenzy and has locked herself upstairs. Please, <name>, can you help me?

1. Wait here, I'll subdue her.
Perhaps you can help.

I've given Dorothea some medication that will return her to her human form, but it will only work if she's calm, or at least has be subdued.

Unfortunately, Josef could never raise a hand against his dear wife, and in her current state I fear subduing her might prove difficult, even for one of your skill.

1. Thanks for the warning.

Dorothea Linkletter: What's happening to me? What have I become? Help me... please help me!

Josef Linkletter: Dorothea!

Josef Linkletter: I'm so glad you're back to yourself, love.

Rhazzad tells me she could change again at any time. He also said he can help her if we can get her to his hidden hospice in the ruins of the Tower of Solace.

As part of Sergeant Knox's squad I enforced the Protector's law, and exiled the Spellscarred to the Sanatorium at Helm's Hold. The wheel turns, doesn't it?

1. Don't worry. I'll talk to Rhazzad

Rhazzad: I understand your pain Dorothea.

Josef Linkletter: Oh, Dorothea, I was so worried.

Dorothea's condition is worse than I thought. The Protector's curel law would exile her to Helm's Hold, but if we can get her to my hidden hospice in the Tower of Solace, I can treat her.

Unfortunately, we cannot move her in the open in this state, but I know of hidden paths through the sewers that lead most of the way.

1. The sewers aren't always safe in this city.
True. The Dead Rats sometime move through those sewers, but there's no time to wait lest Dorothea be discovered. You'll have to be her guardian.

I'll give you some of my elixir. Should Dorothea become afraid, give her a dose before she begins to transform. If she changes fully, I fear you'll have to subdue her once more.

It's best that Josef does not see his beloved wife in such a state. I'll have him wait for you on the other side.

1. I'll get her safely to the Tower
Troubled Times
Thank you for doing this. I don't want anyone to get hurt on my account, but I do want to be able to see my family again. 1. We should get moving...

Bandit: Look who's here! Should we kill you in front of your little wife, Josef?

Dorothea: Keep away.. FROM MY... HUSBAND!

Troubled Times
Those bandits picked the wrong time to get their revenge. Thank you for dealing with them, but there are more up ahead, and I don't think we'll be able to move Dorothea.

The tower is nearby. We must get Rhazzad and bring him back swiftly. It's Dorothea's only chance!

1. Let's hurry.
I heard fighting below and feared the worst. I only hope poor Dorothea is undamaged. Let us go to her at once! 1. Agreed.
I'm sorry this happened, but at least these brigands will no longer disturb my work.

Thank you for bringing Dorothea to me. I already have a room prepared for her, where we will make her as comfortable as possible.

Now, if you will excuse me, I really must get Dorothea to the tower so we can begin her treatment.

1. Of course.
Sergeant Knox
I'd feared it was something like this. I'm glad Dorothea is getting help, but something about all this just feels wrong. We're going to follow up on this "Rhazzad" character."

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