Trouble in the Tower District
Start Sergeant Knox
End Sergeant Creed
Location Protector's Enclave, Tower District
Experience 57
Rewards 17Copper small icon
Saving the Guards
Ending the Torture

The Many-Arrows Orcs have taken control of the Tower District. Sergeant Knox wants you to report to Sergeant Creed for further instructions.


  • Meet with Sergeant Creed at the Fallen Tower Tavern in the Tower District.


Sergeant Knox
There's trouble brewing in the Tower District. The Many-Arrows Orcs have taken over the area, and the Neverwinter Guard could use some help dealing with them. Considering your success in Blacklake, I think you might be just what we need.

Go to the Tower District and meet with Sergeant Creed at the Fallen Tower Tavern, he can tell you more.


  • Meet with Sergeant Creed at the Fallen Tower Tavern.


Sergeant Creed
You've come to help? Good. The Neverwinter Guard can use all the help we can get!


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