Tower District
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Tower District
Map Tower District
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Vital statistics
Type Hostile
Level 10 - 14
Location Neverwinter, The Sword Coast
Inhabitants Drudge, Sapper, Spellscarred Drudge, Axe Thrower, Battletested Orc, Torturer, Beastmaster, Orc Wolf, Taskmaster, Spellscarred Commander, Eye of Gruumsh, Eye of Gruumsh Warder, Savage

The Tower District is a district location in the Forgotten Realms setting Neverwinter. Once marked by the proud Tower Lords, Wizards, and Mercantile Guilds; the Tower District of Neverwinter was destroyed in the explosion of Mount Hotenow a few decade back. It has yet to be brought under the protection of Lord Neverember.

Recently, a small army of orcs from the Many-Arrows Tribe came down from the north and has claimed this area of the city for themselves. Their commander, Vansi Bloodscar, has taken the Cloak Tower as her base. The area around it has become heavily fortified by the orcs.

The orcs now strip away the former wealth of the Tower District for themselves, and kill anyone who intrudes on their territory. The Neverwinter Guard does its best to keep the orcs from spreading to the rest of the city, but resources are spread thin.


Notable NPCsEdit


These quests can be found in this area:

Lore EntriesEdit

See Tower District lore

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