Topping Off
Start Barmaid
End Barmaid
Level 10
Location Fallen Tower Tavern, Tower District
Experience 285
Rewards 87Copper small icon

Good help is hard to find. Maybe you should give the barmaid a hand with those beers.


  • Take the Beer Mugs from the bar and deliver them to 5 thirsty patrons.


Hey, got a minute? I've got orders to fill and my server's disappeared on me. The tavern's packed today and I don't have time to be running around bringing people drinks. If you can deliver these beers for me, I'll make it worth your while.


  • Take Mugs from the Bar
  • Deliver Mugs to Patrons (5/5)
  • Return to the Barmaid


Thanks for the help. No one gave you any trouble, right? Sometimes things get a little rough around here, but the ones bringing the drinks are usually safe.


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