The Trail of the Crown
Start Sergeant Knox
End Private Hawthidon
Prerequisites Finding Honor
Level 6
Location Protector's Enclave, Blacklake District
Experience 32
Rewards 11Copper small icon
Finding Honor
Seeking a Suspect

Gothwan Cooper took the Crown of Neverwinter to Karzov in the Blacklake District. Report to Private Hawthidon and assist him.


  • Meet with Private Hawthidon in the Blacklake District


Sergeant Knox
If Gothwan's gone into Blacklake District, that's going to be trouble.

Blacklake District is a mess, and I'm not just talking about the sludge from the lake. The Nasher rebels are openly defying Lord Neverember's rule, and are attacking anyone who won't swear loyalty to their leader, Karzov.

Meet with Private Hawthidon Faalwun. If Gothwan is still in Blacklake, Hawthidon will know about it.


  • Meet with Pvt. Hawthidon in Blacklake


Private Hawthidon
Well met. <name>, correct? I am Hawthidon Faalwun, Private in the service of Neverwinter; soldier in the squad of Sergeant Knox; finder of secrets; and hunter of criminals. I had not heard you were coming, but I look forward to working with you. Last I heard, Sgt. Knox sent you on the trail of one Gothwan Cooper? I have news of his whereabouts, but I fear it's not good.

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