The Theft of the Crown
Start Sergeant Knox
End Sergeant Knox
Prerequisites Rags to Riches
Level 4
Location Protector's Enclave, Hall of Justice Vaults (Instance)
Experience 200
Rewards 84Copper small icon, Scavenger's Belt
Rags to Riches
Finding Honor

Strange noises are coming from the Vaults under the Hall of Justice. Sergeant Knox wants you to investigate.


  • Investigate the Vaults beneath the Hall of Justice.


Sergeant Knox
I got a report about some disturbances in the vaults beneath the Hall of Justice. The guard are spread thin after the last attack, but you've proven yourself more than capable, so I'd like to ask you to look into it for me.

I've told the gate guard you're coming. He'll let you into the vault.


  • Go to Hall of Justice Vaults
  • Talk to the Gate Guard
  • Enter the Vaults
  • Defeat Nashers!
  • Find Quartermaster Otus
  • Talk to the Quartermaster
  • Use Secret Switch to Open Gate
  • Get to the Crown Chamber
  • Defeat the Guardian of the Nine
  • Examine the Scene of the Crime
  • Take your Reward
  • Return to Sgt. Knox in Protector's Enclave


Gate Guard
You're the one Sergeant Knox sent to investigate? Well, I'm glad you're here! We've heard some strange noises from the vault. One of the other guards went to check on it, but he should have been back by now.

I have to guard the entrance, but I'll let you through. Find the source of those noises and look for Quartermaster Otus. He'll know what's happening.

1. I will. Open the Gate.
Quartermaster Otus
The Nashers snuck in to the vaults during Valindra's attack on the city. They're here to steal the Crown of Neverwinter!

They almost got to it, but then they angered the dead resting in the lower vaults. They're fighting each other down there right now!

I sealed them in behind the hidden entrance to the lower vaults. There's a secret switch in the bookcase on the back wall. Stop the Nasher's before they get the crown!

1. Stay here. I'll stop them.
Cutscene Before Battle
Gothwan: I think' you're making it mad!

Gothwan: Honor, hurry up and get the crown! The Guardian is waking up!

Honor: Stop panicking! I've almost got it!
Cutscene After Battle
Honor: You're too late! The Crown belongs to the Nashers!


Sergeant Knox
The Nashers were bold to raid the vault so soon after Valindra's attack! Thanks for your help in defending the vault, <name>.

Unfortunately, the Nashers got away with the Crown of Neverwinter. The Crown is a powerful symbol of rightful rule in this city. It must be found before the Nashers can use it to start a rebellion.


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