The Rage Mystic
Start Image of Dyrl Godsword
End Image of Dyrl Godsword
Prerequisites Devoted Cleric
Level 14
Location Tower District
Experience 425
Rewards 1Silver small icon 32Copper small icon
He Who Watches

Gruuman Xuluksh is helping Gruumsh upset the balance of power between the gods. The benevolent gods want him eliminated.


  • Locate and defeat Gruuman Xuluksh in the Tower District.


Image of Dyrl Godsword
The gods warn that the orcs indeed have the blessing of Gruumsh for this invasion. They are lead in worship by an aged, veteran orc, Gruuman Xuluksh.

This orc has been feeding his god with the blood of vanquished foes for too long. As Gruumsh gluts himself on ill-gotten spoils, he grows bold and threatens the balance of the cosmos. the benevolent gods will no longer tolerate this.

To slay an enemy is a macabre act, but when it must be done, let it be done swiftly and without remorse. Kill Gruuman Xuluksh and end this divine travesty.


  • Slay Gruuman Xuluksh
  • Speak to an Image of Dyrl Godsword


Image of Dyrl Godsword
I can feel the balance shifting once more. Good has triumphed... for now.

The gods are pleased with you, <name>. I have no doubt they will call upon you once more, but for now, you are free to enact their will as you see fit.


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