The Harbinger
Wight Harbinger
Not much of a talker, are you...
Vital Statistics
Title Boss
Gender Male
Race Wight
Faction Undead
Status Hostile
Location Sleeping Dragon Bridge
Level 4

The Harbinger is the boss encountered at the climax of the Sleeping Dragon Bridge quest in the introductory instance of the same name. He is the player's first boss and biggest threat up to that point.

You find him with Valindra Shadowmantle trying to beat down the gates to the city of Neverwinter. It is just after this battle that Private Wilfred dies.


The Harbinger is a brute, but slow and dimwitted. He simply lumbers up and tries to hit you. Furthermore his attacks give plenty of warning and thus can be easily dodged.


At-Will, Melee Attack
Damage: 24-26, Physical


Encounter, Melee Attack
Damage: 24-26 (+4 Falling), Physical
Deploy Time: 2 Seconds
Cooldown Time: 12 Seconds
Effect: Lift, 10'
A fierce uppercut lifting you off the ground and adding extra falling damage.

Foul SmashEdit

Encounter, Close Burst Attack
Size: 20'
Damage: 24-26, Physical
Deploy Time: 3 Second
Cooldown Time: 12 Seconds
Effect: Prone and Knockback, 10'
A double fisted attack proceeded by a large red marker that knocks enemies off their feet.

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