The Eyes Have It
Start Scout Gaelen
End Scout Gaelen
Level 15
Location Tower District
Experience 1,135
Rewards 3Silver small icon 55Copper small icon
Spying the Cloak Tower
Fists of the Warband

For this battle to be successful they must access the Cloak Tower and defeat Vansi Bloodscar. But Scout Gaelen says the Eye of Gruumsh Warders are maintaining the tower's wards. They must be eliminated.


  • Kill 5 Eye of Gruumsh Warders around the Many-Arrows Camp north of the Cloak Tower.


Scout Gaelen
The Eye of Gruumsh Warders are powerful shamans who maintain a mystical ward sealing the Cloak Tower. If we defeat a number of them, it should weaken the ward enough for you to get through.

From what I've seen, the Warders usually congregate around their flaming shrines to Gruumsh.


  • Kill 5 Eye of Gruumsh Warders (5/5)
  • Return to Scout Gaelen


Scout Gaelen
Well done, <name>! The wards protecting the entrance to the Cloak Tower have weakened. You should be able to get through now!


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