The Dead Rats
Start Private Hawthidon
End Private Hawthidon
Prerequisites None
Level 6
Location Blacklake District, Blacklake Sewers (Instance)
Experience 320
Rewards 1Silver small icon 9Copper small icon, Scavenger's Boots
Seeking a Suspect
Nashing of Teeth

Gothwan Cooper has been taken by The Dead Rats and Karzov is has abandoned him to his fate! Maybe he's still alive and willing to turn on his former allies.


  • Raid the Dead Rats' hideout to find Gothwan Cooper and learn where Karzov is hiding.


Private Hawthidon
We aren't the only ones who want Gothwan to reveal the location of Karzov and the Crown. A gang of wererat thieves, known as the Dead Rats, caught wind of his involvement and kidnapped him. The Nashers abandoned Gothwan to his fate, so if you can rescue him he will likely tell us everything he knows.

The Dead Rats lair in the sewers. Here, I'll mark a known entry on your map, but be careful. Gothwan is no doubt being kept deep within their nest.


  • Investigate Dead Rats' Lair
    • Go to Blacklake Sewers
    • Find Dead Rats' Nest
    • Find Keys to Open Gates (2/2)
    • Defeat Fleabottom
  • Talk to Gothwan
  • Collect Reward
  • Return to Hawthidon


Gothwan Cooper
Yes, I helped steal the Crown of Neverwinter! I was a loyal Nasher, but after Karzov left me to die down here, I don't owe him anything. I'll tell you what I know about where Karzov is now, and also where he's stashed the Crown.

Hey, if you see that treacherous bastard, remind him that loyalty works both ways - preferably while you're twisting a blade in his guts!


Private Hawthidon
Gothwan told us everything. Now we know where Karzov is hiding, and where the Crown is. With any luck, we'll catch him and recover the Crown before the day is done.


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