The Book Club
Start Old Spellbook
End Assistant Lugan
Prerequisites Control Wizard
Level 11
Location Waukeen Way, Tower District
Experience 320
Rewards 97Copper small icon
A Cantrip Trip

You found some old spellbooks! This is exactly what Assistant Lugan is looking for. Maybe there are more nearby...


  • Recover Old Spellbooks from nearby Many-Arrows.


Old Spellbook
This is an arcane spellbook, but the spells it contains are older than the Spellplague, and must now be rendered useless. Though the book is hundreds of years old, it appears to be well preserved.

This must have only recently been removed from some library or other, and then discarded. Perhaps orcs carried these books out of the Cloak Tower. Defeat some Many-Arrows orcs to find more spellbooks.


  • Recover Old Spellbooks (3/3)
  • Return to Assistant Lugan


Assistant Lugan
Oh look at these! They might be of no use to you yet, but just wait until I've annotated them. I will be in touch, partner.


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