Test of Wisdom
Start Chalik Proudfist
End Chalik Proudfist
Prerequisites Half-Elf
Level 12
Location Tower District
Experience 71
Rewards 22Copper small icon
Strange Allies
Stand Your Ground

Chalik Proudfist already trusts you. She has seen you in her visions. But the rest of the humans need to trust the Proudfist. Your job is to arrange this with Captain Janros.


  • Prove your wisdom to Chalik Proudfist.


Chalik Proudfist
Hulgen has sent you to me to prove your wisdom? Well…

The truth is halfelf… You have nothing to prove here, for I know you already. My visions show me much, and they tell me that you will help guide the Proudfist tribe to glory beyond our wildest dreams. You have my support halfelf, as it was destined.

I will tell Hulgen that I trust you, but I do have a task you can assist me with. If we are to join your new Neverwinter, your guards must be informed whose side we are on. Please go to your Captain Janros and tell him that we are not your enemy.


  • Carry Chalik's Message to Captain Janros
  • Speak to Chalik Proudfist


Captain Janros
1. I come with a message from the Proudfist tribe…

What's this? You say those half-orc barbarians will join our fight? Well if they left you unharmed, then I am willing to speak to them. My soldiers will be informed not to shoot the Proudfists on sight.

1. That is all we ask, Captain.


Chalik Proudfist
You have conducted yourself with wisdom and humility. You have my support, halfelf.


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