Test of Strength
Start Hulgen Proudfist
End Hulgen Proudfist
Prerequisites Half-Elf
Level 12
Location Tower District
Experience 213
Rewards 65Copper small icon
Strange Allies
Stand Your Ground

To gain the respect of Hulgen Proudfist you must prove you are strong. He wants you to slay Thag Slabhead, a huge ogre...


  • Prove your strength to Hulgen Proudfist by slaying the ogre Thag Slabhead.


Hulgen Proudfist
As the leader of my tribe, it falls to me to look to our strength. Our allies must too be string! If you wish to prove yourself to me, you could best Thag Slabhead, an ogre who guards the road nearby. He is monstrously strong in body, but as I am sure you half-elves know, there is more than one kind of strength. Demonstrate yours, and you will gain my respect.


  • Defeat Thag Slabhead
  • Return to Hulgen Proudfist in the Tower District


Hulgen Proudfist
You have defeated Thag, have you? Well, that does alter matters in your favor…


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