Test of Guile
Start Dulgan Proudfist
End Dulgan Proudfist
Prerequisites Half-Elf
Level 12
Location Tower District
Experience 213
Rewards 65Copper small icon
Strange Allies
Stand Your Ground

To gain the trust of Dulgan Proudfist you must show your cunning. he enjoys hiding things in plain sight knowing most will never see it. Show him you see more than the average orc.


  • Prove your strength to Dulgan Proudfist by retrieving the Trinkets he has hidden amidst the orcs.


Dulgan Proudfist
Ah, so you'd like to earn our respect. Hulgen respects strength most , and Chalik respects wisdom, but me? I respect guile and cunning above all.

There are so many things that go overlooked in the world, little things kept even in plain sight. I delight in hiding little caches of trinkets right under the noses of our ocr allies. If you can find three such trinkets, I will be impressed.


  • Prove your Guile (3/3)
  • Return to Dulgan Proudfist in the Tower District


Dulgan Proudfist
Ah yes, these are the trinkets. You have done well, or you've covered your failures better. Either one is enough for me. I will tell Hulgen that I am satisfied.


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