Tarmalune Auction House
Tarmalune Auction House
"Going... going... sold to the dwarf with the beard!"
Map Tarmalune Auction House
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Vital statistics
Type Commons
Level NA
Location Protector's Enclave, Neverwinter
Inhabitants Folk

The Tarmalune Auction House is located in Protector's Enclave. The auction house is a crucial part of the in-game economy where players can auction off their items to other players in exchange for Astral Diamonds with the auction house getting a 10% commission from the seller. Presently an individual character can have 40 auctions listed.

Getting ThereEdit

This area is reached by first travelling to the Protector's Enclave zone. The Tarmalune Auction House is off the main square between the Seven Suns Coster Market to it's southeast and the Grand Emporium to it's northeast.

Notable NPCsEdit

External LinkEdit

The auction house can be accessed for any internet connected computer or smartphone without downloading the full game via this link.