Strange Allies
Start Riftel Farsight
End Hulgen Proudfist
Prerequisites Half-Elf
Level 12
Location Tower District
Experience 57
Rewards 17Copper small icon
Test of Strength
Test of Guile
Test of Wisdom

Riftel Farsight has a plan to weaken the Many-Arrows Tribe; splinter off the Proudfist Tribe and get them to join the Neverwinter Guard. An audacious plan, but it could be very effective if successful.


  • Find the Proudfist Tribe in the Tower District and gain their trust.


Riftel Farsight
Would you believe that most of the mercenaries out here think me mad for trying to forge alliances with half-orc barbarians? I really can't quite wrap my head around it.

These "barbarians", the Proudfist tribe, are currently retained by the Many-Arrows. Though the Proudfists fight against Neverwinter now, I believe they could be convinced to abandon their cruel masters and join us in freedom. There is just one problem. They don't trust me! It seems my timidity makes me appear weak. Perhaps you could convince them that Neverwinter is stronger than the Many-Arrows.


  • Find the Proudfist Tribe in the Tower District


Hulgen Proudfist
Hrm, you wish us to abandon the Many-Arrows? You ask us to risk much. How do I know I can trust you?! If you wish to gain so much of our trust, you must prove that you are a worthy soul.

We will test you, and if you pass our three tests, perhaps we will listen.


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