Stolen Supplies
Start Hazel the Alchemist
End Hazel the Alchemist
Prerequisites None
Level 8
Location Blacklake District
Experience 220
Rewards 70Copper small icon
Sampling Sludge

Hazel the Alchemist would like you to recover some supplies stolen by the Nashers.


  • Recover Hazel's stolen Alchemical Supplies.


Hazel the Alchemist
We alchemists are here researching the Blacklake sludge to see if it has any useful properties. Unfortunately, Nasher rebels mistook our last shipment of supplies for potions and made off with them. Maybe you could get them back for me?


  • Alchemical Supplies (5/5)
  • Return to Hazel


Hazel the Alchemist
Thank you for bringing back my supplies. They're not in the best shape, but they'll do. Now I can test to see if my "Sludge as hibernating Black Pudding" theory is correct!


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