Stand Your Ground
Start Hulgen Proudfist
End Hulgen Proudfist
Prerequisites Half-Elf
Level 12
Location Tower District
Experience 355
Rewards 1Silver small icon 8Copper small icon
Test of Strength
Test of Guile
Test of Wisdom

The Proudfist have agreed to join the City of Neverwinter, but first they must cast off the control of the Many-Arrows Tribe by defeating the Many-Arrows Overseer.


  • Help the Proudfist tribe defeat their Many-Arrows Overseers.


Hulgen Proudfist
You wish us to change our allegiance, to cast off the shackles of the Many-Arrows? We have chafed too long under full-blood oppression, and we are ready to fight for our freedom. Your words have convinced me that my tribe may be accepted in Neverwinter, and I will trust you.

There is just one last thing that I will ask of you. The Many-Arrows overseer responsible for us will be arriving shortly with his warriors. Join us in the glorious battle for our freedom! Shed blood with the Proudfists!


  • Burn the Many Arrows Totem
  • Defeat Many Arrows Overseer
  • Return to Hulgen Proudfist in the Tower District


Hulgen Proudfist
You have worked to earn our trust, and forge a friendship between our peoples. When Neverwinter needs us, we will come!


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