Spellscarred Orcs
Start Patrol Captain Lanward
End Captain Janros
Prerequisites Half-Orc
Level 12
Location Tower District
Experience 71
Rewards 21Copper small icon
Unsettling Rumors
Vansi's New Weapon

Patrol Captain Lanward doesn't know what to make of the new spellscarred orcs. Perhaps Captain Janros does. Report to him.


  • Warn Captain Janros in the Tower District about the spellscarred Many-Arrows orcs.


Patrol Captain Lanward
I'd heard rumors of the Many-Arrows leader Vasni Bloodscar, having somehow gotten a spellscar. But why would some of her warriors have them as well? How could so many of them have gotten them without leaving the district? I don't know what's happening, but I don't like it.

Head along the road eastward to the guard post and speak to Captain Janros about this. maybe he can make some sense of it. And even if not, he should be warned.


  • Speak with Captain Janros


Captain Janros
Yes, I'd heard rumors to that effect. However, i must admit that I am at as much of a loss to explain it as is Captain Lanward.


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