Spellplague Caverns is a 5-player dungeon in The Chasm. It is level 52. Spellpague Caverns has lots of cliffs and can be easily solod by a max level Control Wizard or other player skilled in knockbacks and kiting.

Mobs of InterestEdit

  • Spawning Pit - Constantly spawns 3 non-elite mobs every few seconds until destroyed.
  • Intellect Predator - Casts a Frontal Cone AoE that dazes players.
  • Nothic Mindwarp - Casts a Frontal Cone AoE that knocks back players a considerable distance.
  • Loremaster - Casts a Group AoE that burns players and then summons non-elite Plaguefire Skeletons in each circle.

Note: In case multiples of these mobs are being fought at once, the priority order should be Loremaster > Nothic Mindwarp > Intellect Predator.

Bosses (in order)Edit

Note: Follow links for in depth information.

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