Private Mather
Private Mather
Start Private Mather
End M'tari Prin'tal
Level 10
Location Tower District
Experience 57
Rewards 17Copper small icon, Charcoal, Rock Salt, Spool of Thread, 3 Prridge


Deliver the Sealed Chest to the Professions Supply Merchant

  • Deliver the Chest to M'tari Prin'tal


Private Mather
Could you help me please?

I have to make an important delivery but I was wounded by an orc arched. This chest contains vital components rquested by one of my employer's biggest customers.

Would you deliver the chest to M'tari Prin'tal the Sevens Suns Coster Market in Protector's Enclave? She runs the Professions Supply business there. I'm sure she will make it worth your while.
Profession Supplies Merchant
Thank you for bringing this to me. If my customer had arrived first and I did not have these ingredients...Well, it doesn't bear thinking about.

Where is Mather, anyway? He's always lollygagging about when he should be working. Don't know why I put up with him.

You've made a bit of a name for yourself here in Neverwinter. You should look into getting some hirelings of your own and pursue a Profession. Professions allow you to gather resources and make items unavailable anywhere else.

Thanks again for delivering the chest. Please, take a few supplies to get started in your Profession.

Press N to open the Professions window.

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