Shadowmantle is the second epic expansion module for Neverwinter.

The VanguardEdit

The hub of this expansion.

Daily TaskingsEdit

Surrounding areasEdit

The areas where enemies spawn.

Epic DungeonsEdit

The Zulkir of Illusions The Chamber of Horrors The Dread Forge


A full set of rare equipment is obtainable for each class. A set of epic gear can be obtained by investing gold, Vanguard Script, and AD at the store in the Vanguard for 2-3 items (all other parts available in the Epic Dungeons). Notably there is no set bonus.

A set of epic gear is obtainable by harvesting the Valindra's Tower Epic Dungeon. Part(s) of this set must be purchased in the Vanguard with tokens and part(s) must also be crafted. Notably this set has bonuses for armor and weapon sets.

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