Sewer Crawl
Sewer Crawl
Start Captain Janros
End Captain Janros
Level 12
Location Tower District, Merchant Square Sewers (Instance)
Experience 1,065
Rewards 3Silver small icon 24Copper small icon, [Class Boots]
Lost Dispatch
Bringing to Task
Supply Recovery

Karr Nevrim in the Tower District is reportedly trying to take the place of Karzov after his defeat in Blacklake District. Captain Janros wants this threat eliminated. He's hiding in the Merchant Square Sewers.


  • Search the Merchant Square Sewers east of the Neverwinter Guard Post and defeat the Nasher rebel leader Karr Nevrim.


Captain Janros
According to the dispatch you recovered from the dead courier, the orcs are not the only problems we have around here. There are reports of a holdout Nasher rebel cell led by a half-orc called Karr Nevrim operating in the sewers underneath Merchant Square.

Nevrim's suspected of shady dealings with the Many-Arrows Tribe, undermining the safety of the city. We need you to head into Merchant Square Sewers and defeat this upstart before he becomes another Karzov!


  • Destroy the Nasher Holdouts
    • Kill Karr Nevrim
  • Collect Reward
  • Leave the Sewers
  • Return to Captain Janros


Captain Janros
Fine work, <name>! Karr Nevrim was a nasty piece of work.


Adventurer's RewardEdit

The contents of the reward chest depends on the player's class.

Class Reward
Devoted Cleric Boots of the Believer
Great Weapon Fighter Berserker's Boots
Trickster Rogue Burglar's Boots

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