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Seeking a Suspect
Start Private Hawthidon
End Private Hawthidon
Prerequisites None
Level 6
Location Blacklake District
Experience 320
Rewards 1Silver small icon 9Copper small icon
The Trail of the Crown
The Dead Rats

After discovering Gothwan Cooper is attempting to take refuge in the Blacklake District with Karzov you are sent to discover where he's hiding.


  • Search Gothwan's known hangouts for Clues to his current whereabouts.


Private Hawthidon
Our best hope for finding Karzov and the stolen Crown lies with the Nasher cutpurse Gothwan Cooper who took part in the theft. I've marked a few of his known haunts on your map. Investigate those areas, and see if you can turn up some clue to where he may be hiding.


  • Search for Clues to Gothwan's Location (3/3)
  • Return to Hawthidon


Private Hawthidon
I've been keeping Sergeant Knox appraised of your progress. I believe he is quite impressed so far.


Private Hawthidon
The dismissive note, the dead bodies, and the sewer key, they all add up to one thing: Gothwan Cooper has been kidnapped by the infamous Dead Rats gang!



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