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BLR Scrying Stone
Scrying Stones are found in many areas. When interacted with, they give an aerial view of the local area they are situated in.

While this view follows a predefined camera motion, it is actually a live image, as sometimes other players can be seen in it. Using all Scrying Stones of an area is an exploration achievement.

Note: Some of the location names are the actual map names. Use the coordinates, can't go wrong there.

Known Scrying Stones:

Protector's EnclaveEdit

Blacklake DistrictEdit

  • Blacklake (262, 1988) - Next to the row boat that is next to the first broken ship.
  • The Tatters (780, 2248) - Near the broken bridge.
  • Lakeside (522, 1590) - Behind a tree and a bush

Tower DistrictEdit

  • Fallen Tower Tavern (290, 1191) - Visible from the campfire; on top of rocks to the right of the door to the tavern.
  • Merchant's Square (733, 1116) - In the square dead end to the west of merchant guild hall on the map.
  • The Cloak Tower (1295, 393) - Behind the right banner at the gate before going to the Cloak Tower.

Blackdagger RuinsEdit

  • Broken Crown Inn (730, 160) - On the other side of the lake behind the inn.
  • Raven Cliff Beach (-599, 105) - On top of the cave at the lowest area of the beach.
  • Blackdagger Keep (506, 1303) - At the main gate of the keep,, look down the ledge after going up the ramp.

Neverdeath GraveyardEdit

  • Craftman's Rest (659, 57) – Behind the left row of statues.
  • Pauper's Field (-344, -265) – On top of a boulder to the right of the bridge that leads to the left corner of the map.
  • Graveyard of Neverdeath (142, -496) – Hidden by tree on stone ledge near campfire.

Helm's HoldEdit

Ebon DownsEdit


  • Thunder Ridge (3093, 2199) – Hidden behind tree on your right.
  • Hunter's Path (2840, 1832) – Hidden behind tree on top of rocks.
  • Elder Rock (2668, 3293) – Hidden behind tree on 1st stone ledge on your right.

Pirates' SkyholdEdit

  • The Wreck (918, 1655) – On a huge rock.
  • Skull Fortress (2200, 1905) – On the ledge overlooking the waterfall
  • Market Square (3229, 2063) - On the back of the building

Icespire PeakEdit

  • Icepire Peak (2135, 760) – On top of wooden structure near the top right corner of Prospector Ridge.
  • Lakkar's Folly (2119, 3673) - Just before Icespire's Frozen Heart. guarded by a Grunt an Wolf.
  • Fallen Axe Bridge (2651, 3030) - On the ledge before the bridge.

The ChasmEdit

  • Field of Nightmares (-13069, -1124) – Behind a wall in the NE corner on a ledge at the second camp, Fort Precipice (first area).
  • Cathedral of Madness (-19, 689) – Inside the top of a house at the Unhallowed Grounds(second area).
  • The Crystal Caves (13359, -1810) – To the left in a ledge after exiting the first camp(third area).

Rothe ValleyEdit

Mount HotenowEdit


Scrying Stone

  • Fireguard Fortress (763, 1598) – To the right side below the start of the bridge leading to the last camp.
  • Hotenow Caldera (1168, 966) – On a ledge above a small lava pool.

Fiery PitEdit

Whispering CavernsEdit

Gauntlgrym RuinsEdit


  • New Sharandar (2814,990) – On the right at the end of the entrance ramp.
  • Heart of the Grove (1411,856) – Left of the end of the bridge, behind a hill.
  • Barbican Ruins (904,3456) - Right side of the wall on top left corner of the map

Dread RingEdit

  • Skull of Lorragauth (2579,2479) – On the Top of the Gate
  • The Excavation (2011,2895) - look up
  • The Dread Spire (2519, 1966) - Jump over spikes and walk along the edge of cliff.

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