Scourge Warlock

Preferring raw power to subtlety, scourge warlocks are tougher than the average warlock, possessing a powerful constitution, which often supercedes their intellect and charisma. Scourge warlocks foster this capacity for endurance purposefully, channeling their vitality into the deadly invocations they wield. This comes at the cost of often endangering oneself, either in close combat or through the sheer lethality of their powers, but scourge warlocks are typically more than capable of wielding their dangerous spells safely. Most scourge warlocks are beholden to devils or horrors of the Far Realm, though exceptions exist.

Scourge Warlocks are powerful magic users, channeling shadowy benefactors to destroy any enemy who dares stand in their way. Scourge Warlocks focus on dealing heavy damage to isolated or grouped foes by utilizing dark magical abilities.

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