Saving the Guards
Start Sergeant Creed
End Sergeant Creed
Level 10
Location Tower District
Experience 713
Rewards 2Silver small icon 16Copper small icon
Trouble in the Tower District
Lost Dispatch

The ongoing conflict between the Neverwinter Guard and the Many-Arrows Tribe have resulted in the capture of Guard patrols. Sergeant Creed wants you to free them before the orc Torturers break them.


  • Rescue 5 Captured Guards around Waukeen Way, the rise south of the Fallen Tower Tavern.


Sergeant Creed
Some of our Neverwinter Guard patrols have gone missing while exploring Waukeen Way. We suspect they have been captured or killed by the Many-Arrows orcs. If there are any soldiers left alive, they must be rescued before the orc torturers get a hold of them!


  • Rescue 5 Captured Guards (5/5)
  • Return to Sergeant Creed


Sergeant Creed
Well done, <character>! You've saved those guards from a fate worse than death!


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