Sampling Sludge
Start Hazel the Alchemist
End Hazel the Alchemist
Prerequisites None
Level 8
Location Blacklake District
Experience 220
Rewards 70Copper small icon
Stolen Supplies

With her supplies back Hazel now needs some sludge samples to continue her work.


  • Collect new Sludge Samples for Hazel.


Hazel the Alchemist
I've salvaged what I can, but I'm going to need new samples of Blacklake Sludge for my work. The samples must come from specific patches of the Sludge, which wouldn't be difficult except the whole area is swarming with violent rebels.

I'm willing to pay you to collect the samples for me.


  • Get specific Sludge Samples (3/3)
  • Return to Hazel


Hazel the Alchemist
Excellent! With these samples, I'll finally be able to determine if the sludge is animal, vegetable, mineral, or undead. This will be a huge help to my research. There are some reagents you do not want to use on undead sludge, believe me!


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