Returning the Pain
Start Captain Janros
End Captain Janros
Level 14
Location Tower District, Merchant Guild Hall (Instance)
Experience 1,275
Rewards 3Silver small icon 95Copper small icon, [Class Waist]
Bringing to Task
Supply Recovery
Spying the Cloak Tower

Captain Janros has learned that Kartok Paingiver has taken over the Merchant Guild Hall. Apparently you are the most qualified to eliminate him.


  • Enter the Merchant Guild Hall in Merchant Square and defeat Kartok Paingiver.


Captain Janros
Kartok Paingiver is one of the orc warband leaders responsible for the takeover of Merchant Square. His soldiers have taken over the old Merchant Guild Hall. We need you to go in and take him down!



Captain Janros
Well done, <name>! Defeating Kartok will be a huge setback to the orc advance!


Adventurer's RewardEdit

The contents of the reward chest depends on the player's class.

Class Reward
Control Wizard Cord of Health
Devoted Cleric Girdle of Restoration
Great Weapon Fighter Belt of the Wilderness
Guardian Fighter Belt of Restitution
Hunter Ranger
Trickster Rogue Sash of the Thief

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