Reports from the Field
Start Scout Gaelen
End Well-Informed Harper
Prerequisites Fists of the Warband
Level 9
Location Tower District
Experience 104
Rewards 31Copper small icon

Scout Gaelen suggests you talk to the Harpers to learn about rumors in the area.


  • Go talk to the Well-informed Harper in the Tower District.


Scout Gaelen
The immediate problems in town are starting be under control. However, we are constantly hearing rumors of all sorts coming in from the field. Adventurers, like yourself, are seemingly never short of tales.

Naturally, the inns and taverns seem to be the best place to hear these tales. However, a cheerful campfire also sees tales told. Go talk to the Well-informed Harper who shares this outpost with me. Go and learn what rumors he has to share.


Well-Informed Harper
I overheard you talking to Gaelen. I definitely have information that could be of value to you.

As a representative of the Harpers, I trade in information, specifically rumors. I encourage you to listen to some of my choice rumors and then look into one for me. Just so many tales I hear - I cn't possibly investigate them all. Who knows! Maybe you'll hear about something that you;d like to persue.

1. How do rumors work?

I have knowledge of many reports from the field. Adventurers are always talking when they sit around the campfire.

My rumors are fresh tales from other adventurers like you – there is no end to all of the new things I can tell you about!

1. What rumors do you have that might interest me?


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