Rebel Rousting
Start Cloaked Man
End Cloaked Man
Prerequisites Trickster Rogue
Level 8
Location Blacklake District
Experience 220
Rewards 69Copper small icon
Assigning Blame

You receive a mysterious letter set to you from "A Friend" asking you to meet him in Blacklake District.


  • Slay the Nasher Rabble-rouser and plant Evidence of Dead Rat Involvement in the Blacklake District.


Cloaked Man
Time to turn the Nashers against the Dead Rats. Easy. Like most insulated groups, they're paranoid that their enemies control neighboring factions. In this case, they'll be correct.

There's a rabble-rouser preaching from a fountain farther into the district. He's an effective recruiter, popular within the Nashers. If he were killed, the Nashers would be outraged. Seeing how I want him killed, the trick is directing that rage at our enemies.

Kill the rabble-rouser, and plant the Dead Rats dagger on the fountain. That should get both factions at each other's throats, allowing my agents to establish some order in the aftermath.


  • Plant Evidence and Eliminate Witnesses
  • Return to the Cloaked Man


Cloaked Man
Excellent. Your work is subtle and complete, and that's all I ask of any agent.

While I'm not finished putting you to good use, I'm done for now. Go on about your business. I'll send word when you're needed again.


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