Raven Cliff Beach
NW Raven Cliff Beach
Raven Cliff Beach seen through a Scrying Stone
NW Raven Cliff Beach Map2
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Vital statistics
Type hostile (allied encampments)
Level 21 -
Location Blackdagger Ruins
Inhabitants Bandits, Mimics, others

Raven Cliff Beach is the seaside part of Blackdagger Ruins. It is largely controlled by the Blackdagger Bandits. It features several lighthouses that once were used to safely guide ships aling the coast. But since the bandits have taken control, the beacons no longer operate, unless when they are used by them to misguide ships on the cliffs and then salvage their goods. Various shipwrecks and debris are scattered throughout the shallow waters. On the beach, there are some Bandit camps. The area features 2 caves, The Hidden Cove and The Sea Caves, tough they are only accessible during their namesake quests.

Getting ThereEdit

This area is reached by first travelling to the start of the Blackdagger Ruins zone, and from The Broken Crown Inn, take the High Road, which is the left path leading away from the tavern.

Notable NPCsEdit

  • Xalliana - a Harper agent who was travelling aboard a ship run ashore by the Bandits
  • Old Lenn - a former lighthouse keeper


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