Rags to Riches
Start Sergeant Knox
End Sergeant Knox
Prerequisites Sleeping Dragon Bridge
Level 4
Location Protector's Enclave
Experience 20
Rewards 8Copper small icon, Peasant's Tunic, Peasant's Garb
Sleeping Dragon Bridge
The Theft of the Crown

You may have washed ashore after the attack on your ship, but all your clothes are sitting on the ocean floor. Supply Sergeant Quinn has some spares for you to wear until you can buy your own.


  • Get Fashion Clothing from the Supply Sergeant.


Sergeant Knox
I understand you lost quite a few of your belongings when the ship you were on was destroyed by the dracolich.

I can't offer you much, but I can supply you with some off-duty clothing. I'm sure you're going to want to relax and get out of your combat gear at some point.

Talk to Supply Sergeant Quinn. He's just west of here through that tunnel. He'll get you sorted out.


  • Talk to Supply Sergeant Quinn
  • Collect Reward
  • Return to Sergeant Knox


Supply Sergeant Quinn
I heard about what happened on the bridge--that you stopped the Harbinger. We all owe you a debt.

Knox asked me to set you up with some clothes to replace those that you lost. I'm afraid I don't have anything fancy, but at least they're warm.

Take a look in the chest.


Sergeant Knox
You're back! Good!

I have some more work for you, if you're interested.


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