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Quests are tasks given to the player character to be completed for a reward such as gold, experience, or items. Most quests are obtained by speaking to NPCs, although some may be obtained by using certain items which drop in the game.

Most of the quests are the same for all the classes.

Starting outEdit

The main quest line sends players to level-specific areas told to the player by Sergeant Knox. Players should generally finish all quests in a given geographic area before continuing to the next.

Quest typesEdit

  • Solo quests — can be completed solo or with a party of up to five players
  • Instanced quests — can be completed solo or with a party of up to five players
  • Dungeon quests — generally require a party of three or five to complete
  • Daily quests — received from Rhix and are repeatable daily

Quests by areaEdit

Neverwinter Fields questsEdit

Level Name Quest giver Begins Prerequisite
1 Signs of Life Private Wilfred Private Wilfred
1 Battlefield Triage Lt. Linkletter Lt. Linkletter Signs of Life
2 Broken Arrow Dell McCourt Dell McCourt Battlefield Triage
3 Sleeping Dragon Bridge Private Hawthidon Private Hawthidon Broken Arrow

Protector's Enclave questsEdit

Level Name Quest giver Begins Prerequisite
A Leaky Proposition
5 False Idols Kobold-Infested Sewer
7 Invoking the Gods
10 Nest Egg
10 Finder's Fee Rus Ottley Kobold-Infested Sewer
10 Trouble in the Tower District Sergeant Knox Sergeant Knox
12 The Broker Sergeant Knox Sergeant Knox
10 Domination (PvP) Sergeant Knox
14 Going Once, Going Twice... Sergeant Knox
16 A True Professional Sergeant Knox
17 Troubled Times Sergeant Knox

Tower District questsEdit

Level Name Quest giver Begins Prerequisite
Saving the Guards Sergeant Creed
Ending the Torture Sergeant Creed
Fire Bugs Gerad Kinesward
10 Lost Dispatch Sergeant Creed
12 Sewer Crawl Captain Janros Captain Janros
13 Hunting the Relics Kynorath Greybeard
10 Speedy Delivery
12 Bringing to Task Captain Janros Captain Janros
12 Supply Recovery Captain Janros Captain Janros
Driving Back the Orcs Aelgar the Fierce Aelgar the Fierce
14 Returning the Pain Captain Janros Captain Janros
Spying the Cloak Tower Captain Janros Captain Janros
15 Conquest for Gruumsh Scout Gaelen Scout Gaelen
15 The Eyes Have It Scout Gaelen Scout Gaelen
16 Fists of the Warband Scout Gaelen Scout Gaelen
He Who Watches Image of Dyrl Godsword Image of Dyrl Godsword
14 The Rage Mystic Image of Dyrl Godsword Image of Dyrl Godsword
Reports from the Field Scout Gaelen Scout Gaelen
Trouble in the Ranks Scout Gaelen Scout Gaelen
17 The Cloak Tower Scout Gaelen Scout Gaelen

Neverdeath GraveyardEdit

Level Name Quest giver Begins Prerequisite
Dying Howl
Grave News
Rest in Peace
The Undead and the Dying

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