There are many pieces of lore in and around the Protector's Enclave.

Alchemy PrimerEdit

Location: Read the Alchemy Primer that is received when hiring your first Alchemist.

Alchemy Primer

Alchemical Research and Experimentation

Every Alchemist must experiment to find his own recipe for making potions. While the base ingredients are the same for everyone, some very minor changes in temperature, order of adding ingredients or even the number of whisks with a utensil are necessary for each individual Alchemist.

Every successful experiment will grant the Alchemist a new insight into the basics of Alchemy as well as his particular recipe for making a potion or transmutation. Putting these insights together with research enables the Alchemist to advance into higher ranks.

An Overview of the Gods of FaerûnEdit

Location: Read excerpt in the Sage's Shop.

An Overview of the Gods of Faerûn

The gods of Fearûn are numerous and represent many aspects of daily life in the Realms. A full listing of all the gods that have ever been worshiped in Fearûn is impractical, but those who are commonly (though not always openly) worshiped today include: Amauntor, the Keeper of the Yellow Sun; Asmodeus, Supreme Master of the Nine Hells; Bane, the Black Lord; Chauntea, the Great Mother; Corellon, the First Seldarine; Cyric, Prince of Lies; Ghaunadaur, That Which Lurks; Gruumsh, the One-Eyed God; Kelemvor, Lord of the Dead; Lolth, Queen of the Deamonweb Pits; Moradin, the Soul Forger; Oghama, the Binder of What is Known; Selûne, the Moonmaiden; Shar, Mistress of the Night; Silvanus, the Forest Father; Sune, the Ladyof Love; Tempus, the Foehammer; and Torn, the Loyal Fury.

Drain LeversEdit

Location: Examine Dead Rats' Nest during the quest The Dead Rats.

Drain Levers


I'm tired of explaining this repeatedly, so I'll write it down. Just don't lose this note!

To drain the sludge covering the chests, set each lever so that it is pointing away from the pit.


Kelemvore, Lord of the DeadEdit

Location: Read excerpt in the Sage's Shop.

Kelemvore, Lord of the Dead

Kelemvor, Lord of the Dead, oversees everone's passage from life into death and determines what their deeds in life have earned them in the afterlife.

He is firm, but fair, and his followers are counseled to always offer succor to the bereaved left behind.

Unlike many other death gods, Kelemvor espouses a view of death being a natural part of life and he and followers actively oppose those who would corrupt that view, such as necromancers and the undead.

Kelemvor's symbol is a skeletal hand holding a balanced scale.

Legends of the Neverwinter NineEdit

Location: Read excerpt in the Sage's Shop.

Legends of the Neverwinter Nine

The text of the book describes what the Neverwinter Nine stood for and also contains a discussion on the how and when of their return.

Oghma, the Binder of What is KnownEdit

Location: Read excerpt in the Sage's Shop.

Oghma, the Binder of What is Known

Oghma, known as the Binder of What is Known, is the god of knowledge, thought, and information of all kinds. Worshipers include sages, wizards, scribes, and other seekers of knowledge.

Oghma is interested in both the spoken and written word as well as preserving old information and encouraging new ideas. Oghma's symbol is that of an unfurled, blank scroll.

The Crown is the KeyEdit

Location: Read excerpt in the Sage's Shop.

The Crown is the Key

This is a treatise on the essential nature of the Crown of Neverwinter. The gist of the text is that the crown is a magical key ... One that only the true heir can wear.

The Crown of NeverwinterEdit

Location: Inspect the pedestal in Hall of Justice Vaults during the quest The Theft of the Crown.

The Crown of Neverwinter

Forged of Mithral, set with blue gems, and said to kill any pretender who wears it, the Crown of Neverwinter is a potent symbol to the people of the city.

Though it has been roumored for some time that Lord Neverember possesses the Crown, he has never publicly worn it. Those upset with Neverember's rule claim he knows the crown's magic would kill him as a usurper. Others say Neverember is wise not to press his claim to the city until Neverwinter is rebuilt and unified.

Whatever the reason, the Crown is said to be kept in the vaults beneath the Hall of Justice where it is guarded by Neverember's soldiers, and some say, by the city's honored dead.

The Sons of the Seven Sisters, Vol 1Edit

Location: Read excerpt in Sage's Shop.

The Sons of the Seven Sisters, Vol 1

Discussion of the seven Chosen of Mystra, each book is dedicated to one sister.

The Taxonomy of the GrueEdit

Location: Read excerpt in the Sage's Shop.

The Taxonomy of the Grue

According to the text, "Some who wander, but are not lost... run the greatest risk of being eaten by a Grue..."

The VaultsEdit

Location: Enter the Hall of Justice Vaults during the quest The Theft of the Crown.

The Vaults

Beneath the Hall of Justice lies a series of vaults, crypts, and storage chambers where many of Neverwinter's nobles, heroes, and treasure are kept. The Vaults date back hundreds of years, to when the building was the city's main temple to Tyr, the now-dead god of justice.

When Lord Neveremeber decided to make the former temple of Tyr the seat of his rule, he used the vaults as a safe place to store many of the historical treasures uncovered in the city's reconstruction.

The vaults are rumored to be haunted, and popular myth says that the city's honored dead will rise to slay any who disturb their rest.

The Waterclocks of NeverwinterEdit

Location: Read excerpt in the Sage's Shop.

The Waterclocks of Neverwinter

A book discussing the famed waterclocks and their perfect precision. Discusses the rarity of work by certain clock makers.

Theft of the Crown: Karzov's OrdersEdit

Location: Read scroll in Hall of Justice Vaults during the quest The Theft of the Crown.

Theft of the Crown: Karzov's Orders

"The undead attack is a better distraction than the riot we were planning, so we're moving up our operation. Your orders are to get into the vault beneath the Temple while the guards are too busy fighting the undead.

Once you're in, grab the Quartermaster and make him tell you where the Crown of Neverwinter is kept. Then leave the rest to Gothwan and Honor. Remember: We're only after the Crown. Touch nothing else! We can loot the rest once we rule the city, and we can't risk angering the dead."


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