Preying on the Poor
Start Elmira
End Elmira
Prerequisites None
Level 6
Location Blacklake District
Experience 320
Rewards 1Silver small icon 10Copper small icon

Elmira sees the devastating effects of the Nashers on the poorest people and want your help recovering what was stolen.


  • Recover Stolen Goods from the Nashers.


The Nashers claim to be revolutionaries, but they're just another street gang! They steal from the poor, claiming it's to overthrow a tyrant, but all they really want is to line their own pockets!

Well, no more. I've still got a little coin, and I'll pay you well to recover some of the things they've stolen from us.


  • Recover Stolen Goods from Nasher Rebels (5/5)
  • Return to Elmira


Oh! May Ilmater bless your heart!

These meager goods might not seem like much to you, but to the poor of this district they mean survival. At least for a little while longer.


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