Start Johari
End Patrol Captain Lanward
Prerequisites Half-Orc
Level 10
Location Tower District
Experience 57
Rewards 17Copper small icon
Unsettling Rumors

Half-Orcs are being prevented from entering the Tower District by Patrol Captain Lanward simply because they could be sympathizers of the Many-Arrows Orc Tribe that have taken control the the area. Perhaps you can find a way to smooth things over.


  • Speak with Patrol Captain Lanward about why half-orcs aren't being allowed into the Tower District.


Finally, someone who can maybe talk some sense into these humans! They're stopping half-orcs who want to enter the district. Something about how we could be Many-Arrows sympathizers. Pfah!

Neverwinter is as much MY home as it is for any of these guardsmen, and I want to help without being looked at like I'm some kind of traitor! talk to this Lanward here and tell him that we half-orcs are no friends to the Many-Arrows!


  • Talk to Patrol Captain Lanward


Patrol Captain Lanward
You... you're <name>, aren't you? I've heard of you.


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