Orc Bounty
Start Bounty Master
End Bounty Master
Level 10
Location Tower District
Experience 570
Rewards 1Silver small icon 75Copper small icon

Prove you killed orcs by taking their Many-Arrows Insignias and be rewarded. Sounds like a deal!

This quest introduces bounties. Many zones have collection items that can be turned in at Bounty Masters.


  • Collect 5 Many-Arrows Insignias from orcs in the Tower District.


Bounty Master
The Tower District may not be in a good state, but the presence of the orcs make it worse. I'm looking for adventurers willing to help cull their numbers.

Slay orcs throughout the Tower District. Collect Many-Arrows Orc Insignias and return them to me. I will grant you something to aid you in your struggles against them!


  • Collect 5 Many-Arrows Insignias from Orcs in the Tower District.
  • Return to Aelgar the Fierce (NOTE: This quest completes at a Bounty Master, not Aelgar the Fierce)


Bounty Master
Well done! As long as you bring me what I seek my store will remain available to you.


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