Neverwinter Fields
Neverwinter Fields
Neverwinter Fields
Map Neverwinter Fields
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Vital statistics
Type Hostile
Level 1 - 3
Location Neverwinter, The Sword Coast
Inhabitants Rotter, Decrepit Skeleton, Undead Soldier

The beach and fields outside the walls of Neverwinter is the site of a resent battle between Valindra Shadowmantle's undead army and the Neverwinter Guard. With the battle over and Valindra withdrawing from the field, the Red Wizards of Thay are summoning yet more undead to harass the remaining allied soldiers recovering their wounded.

This area is the game's introduction to character control and combat. All of the enemies except the Undead Soldiers are non-hostile, so they will only attack if you attack them first. Furthermore all of the enemies do minimal damage and none give experience points for killing them. All of the level gains in the introduction are prescripted at certain points.

There is also a dracolich that was slain in this area and Makos, the tiefling wizard from the opening cinematic, is attempting to bind its essence to the slain body to prevent it from being resummoned by Valindra.

The NPC's Acolyte Neyman and Zoey Fargo are also present in this zone, but have no dialog.

Notable NPCsEdit


These quests can be found in this area:


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