Nest Egg
Start Sergeant Knox
End Sergeant Knox
Level 10
Location Protector's Enclave, The Kobold-Infested Sewer (Instance)
Experience 570
Rewards 1Silver small icon 73Copper small icon, [Class Armor]

Grace Rathburn has had her market stall raided by kobolds. Sergeant Knox wants you to investigate and retrieve the stolen goods.


  • Retrieve Grace Rathburn's Jewelry


Sergeant Knox
I've gotten disturbing reports from the Seven Suns Coster Market. There are kobolds loose in the city! We can't let them get a foothold in the Enclave or we'll never be rid of them.

The kobolds robbed Grace Rathburn's market stall in broad daylight! The thieves made their escape through a small sewer grate. I'd like you to track the kobolds down and retrieve Grace's stolen jewelry.


  • Search the Sewers
  • Gain access to the Kobold's Temple
  • Recover Grace's Jewelry
  • Collect your Reward
  • Return Grace's Jewelry
  • Return to Sergeant Knox


Grace Rathburn
My jewelry! You found it!


Sergeant Knox
Good work! Neverwinter has enough problems without kobolds infesting the sewers.

Speaking of problems, I have more work for you if you are interested.



The sewer entrance is located in Protector's Enclave near the market. After entering the sewer, grab the Finder's Fee quest from the NPC. Traverse the sewer and pick up any scrolls on the ground. The sewer contains dozens of traps so look at the ground carefully to avoid them. The sewer contains 3 chests and a loot chest at the end. The chest next to the loot chest also contains an item which gives the False Idols quest.

Adventurer's RewardEdit

The contents of the reward chest depends on the player's class.

Class Reward
Devoted Cleric Cleric's Chain Armor
Great Weapon Fighter Avenger's Scale Armor
Trickster Rogue Larcenist's Leather Armor

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