Miles Brome
Miles Brome - Reward Claims Agent
Vital Statistics
Title Reward Claims Agent
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Enclave
Status Alive
Location Protector's Enclave

Miles Brome is the NPC reward claims agent located in the Hall of Justice: West Courtyard in Protector's Enclave. He is the link to claim promotional items and awards from Founder's Packs.



  • Special - Embroidered Bag of Holding
  • Special - Amulet of Protection
  • Special - Adventurer's Helper Pack
  • Special - Offensive Potion Pack
  • Special - Defensive Potion Pack
  • Special - Endurance Potion Pack


  • Special - Pale Horse
  • Special - Stormraider Horse
  • Special - Tricorn Captain's Hat


Miles Brome - Founder's Agent

He was previously called the "Founder's Agent" throughout open beta and had a different appearance. Also had a diamond shaped floating icon that was replaced with the present icon.

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